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Limited Booths Remaining for the 17th Annual Youth Hiring Fair

The City of Calgary Youth Employment Centre would like to extend an invitation for your organization to participate in the 17th Annual Youth Hiring Fair taking place on Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 at the Big Four Building, Stampede Park.

Over 5,000 youth between the ages of 15-24 are expected to attend this event, representing a variety of skill and educational levels.

Register today - limited booths remain!

Please review our Youth Hiring Fair invitation letter which includes details about the event as well as pricing information. For your convenience you may register online at or you may fill out the attached registration form and submit it by fax (403) 268-2383 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This fair is a fantastic opportunity for your organization to meet with youth that are looking for part-time, full-time, seasonal and career opportunities. For more information on the 17th Annual Youth Hiring Fair, contact Susan Yuen at (403) 268-4767 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We look forward to having your organization take part in this event!

Score a $1000 Scholarship

The Youth Employment Centre's annual Scholarship Program has launched! Youth ages 15-24 who are registered with YEC and are job searching or career planning can apply for $1,000 towards their educational, training, or upgrading goals.

Click here to watch a video testimonial of 2014 scholarship recipient Grace Onwuka.

The Youth Employment Centre would like to acknowledge the Calgary Winter Club and McDonald's for sponsoring sole scholarships in the amount of $1,000 this year! We would also like to recognize Cemrock Concrete and Shakers Fun Centre for being Youth Scholarship Supporters by donating $500 each towards the scholarship program.

Youth ages 15-24 that are clients of the Youth Employment Centre (YEC) can apply. Click here for more information about the YEC scholarships, eligibility criteria, and application forms. Application deadline is Sunday, May 31st, 2015.

Young Mothers Discovering Their Opportunities

Discovering Your Opportunities is a five week summer employment and life skills program for pregnant or parenting teens ages 15-19. The program runs from July 2nd - 31st, 2015 this year. Discovering Your Opportunities is a great opportunity for young women to achieve high school credits, earn some money, and gain valuable work experience.

Classroom topics include career planning, employer expectations, workplace safety, job search strategies, and some fun activities. With a focus on the work experience placement, participants are matched with a business and will work at that business part-time for the duration of the program. This gives many of the moms their first introduction to the working world, and they benefit through gaining experience and a reference that they can use in the future.

Discovering Your Opportunities is supported through a partnership between The City of Calgary Youth Employment Centre, Calgary Board of Education Louise Dean Centre, Catholic Family Service and local employers. The Youth Employment Centre currently looking for employers to host a student in July. The students are paid by the program and we are looking for employers located downtown or close to West Hillhurst. For more information or to register for the program, contact Christina David at 403-268-5747 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Client Success Story

What work did you do with your Employment Counsellor to reach your career and employment goals?

Being new to Calgary, my initial objective was to find a job which could pay for my living expenses. Firstly we discussed my background in education and work. This helped me identify particular jobs which would match my skills.

After I found my first job I started to look for ways to establish a foundation for a career. My advisor gave me advice on career paths and different job searching strategies. Although we worked on improving my resume, a stronger emphasis was put on learning how to network effectively. I had done many online applications without ever getting a reply, so a change in the strategy was needed.

What was the outcome?

A couple of weeks later, I attended an Event (Youth in Supply Chain), where the Supply Chain industry was discussing labour shortages and potential solutions. During a networking session I met the President of Triskele Logistics (a consulting firm). I introduced myself and asked about her company and background.

After the event I followed up and I was asked to come in for an interview. The interview went well and I was subsequently offered a position as a Logistics Analyst.

This has been a great job as there is plenty of variety on the projects I work on, and has also set a foundation for a career in consulting within the Supply Chain industry.

Will you tell your friends to come to the Youth Employment Centre? Please elaborate.

Yes! The Youth Employment Centre was very helpful in various different ways. Firstly, it helped develop my job searching skills. This involved resume tips, job searching strategies, networking skills and interview practice. Moral support was also hugely important. At times it felt that finding a job was almost an impossible task. Having that support helped me to keep going through the hard times. Lastly, industry contacts was the final ingredient necessary to find the job I wanted. Without this excellent support it would have been very difficult to start to achieve my career goals.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to be working for the same company that I am in now. My goals are to manage challenging projects and to learn more about the industry.

William M, YEC Client.

Driving Your Career a Success

On March 26th, 2015, over 200 job seekers, parents and career professionals attended Driving Your Career: Get Your Licence, Get a Job. Driving Your Career was inspired by an article that appeared in the Edmonton Journal in August 2014. The article shared that Alberta Transportation has noted the amount of Albertans aged 15-24 with driver's licenses has dropped 15% in 20 years. In 1991, 90% of Albertan youth had their driver's license. By 2012 this dropped to 75%.

The lack of drivers presents a problem for our future workforce, as employers in a variety industries are already having difficulty finding employees who drive. The purpose of Driving Your Career was to educate people on the importance of getting a drivers licence and to make connections with employers.

The morning session of Driving Your Career focused on licensing, insurance and the trucking industry. Attendees learned that it takes at least three years to achieve your full class five driver's licence in Alberta. We learned that insurance companies look at your years of driving experience, and drivers abstract when deciding insurance rates and if you are eligible to drive company vehicles. We also learned that the trucking industry anticipates a major need for new drivers. Everything you have or eat was transported by truck at some point. Like many industries, trucking is facing a large amount of retirements in the next few years. Over 450,000 new workers will be needed in this industry by 2021 to meet increases in economic growth and fill retirements across the country.

The afternoon session, Get a Job featured an employer panel from a variety of industries and a career and job fair. It was great to hear about the variety of jobs that require a driver's licence. We learned that job seekers without driver's licences or with little driving experience will find themselves unable to get a job or advance in their chosen career.

Thank you to all the speakers and companies that participated in Driving Your Career. We truly appreciate the time you took to speak to job seekers.

  • Kim Lawrence-Young - Southland Registrations Ltd.
  • Sherre Newell - Aviva Canada Inc.
  • Brian Bell - Alberta Motor Transport Association
  • Nate Phelps - Pacific Western Transportation (Southland Transportation)
  • Craig Palmer - Calgary Construction Association
  • Tina Cerato - Gordon Food Services
  • Aileen Enriquez Palmer - Cintas Canada Limited
  • Karen Longden - The Calgary Zoo
  • Michelle Meade - Intercare Corporate Group Inc.
  • Ryan Kennedy - The City of Calgary
  • Justin Bohonos - The City of Calgary
  • Liane Knox - Budget Car and Truck Rentals

Driving Your Career was co-hosted by the Career Development Association of Alberta, the Calgary Public Library and The City of Calgary Youth Employment Centre.

Employer of the Month

Canadian Utility Construction Corporation provides a complete range of underground construction services. The company specializes in construction and maintenance services for various utility companies throughout western Canada. Canadian Utility currently has about 400 operational and support staff within the Western Canadian Region. Almost all of their employees work full time with the exception of summer, seasonal, or student positions.

Canadian Utility strongly believes in promoting from within their company - many of their current managers and executives started from labour positions! Some entry level positions that the company offers include Labourer and Field Clerk positions.

The only qualifications required for these positions are a valid class 5 drivers license and clean abstract, grade 12 high school diploma and some knowledge or a desire to learn about the construction industry. They also look for applicants who share their core values, a strong work ethic, and integrity.

For more information or to view their position openings, visit: To visit the careers portal, go to:

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